President’s Welcome

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President’s Welcome

President’s Welcome

Welcome to Homepage of Korean Abalone Trade Association, Inc.
We always have done our best to provide you with a lot of information such as necessary information for production of Abalones, monthly produced catch and change of price with you since it was founded in December 2006.
For this, we have carried out our programs by focusing on the following and will keep on trying our best.

We combine supervision with management of the production and distribution for customers to taste good flavor and quality of more fresh Abalones produced by our Abalones fishers.
We are trying to secure stable income for Abalone fishers by regular technology training.

We also strive to spread know-how for farming of abalone and to produce abalones with reasonable price satisfying with producer and customer.
The homepage of Korean Abalone Trade Association has a role to immediately provide professional knowledges and information for producers and will be a guideline for customers to help for purchase of Abalone and selection of a dealer.
We will play our aforementioned role more efficiently by newly-opened homepage of Korean Abalone Trade Association. Furthermore, we will continue to make our effort with a goal to become first representative.

We will do our utmost to promote domestic Abalone to global markets by keeping pace with globalization. We also will listen to your voice with a concentrated mind to protect Abalone Industry together with producer and customer.
We ask earnestly users’ interest and support.
Thank you.
President of Korea Abalone Trad Association